I. Introduction
The overall philosophy of the Parrish Plantation Architectural Review Board is to maintain and enhance the character and quality of Parrish Plantation. Submittal approvals are based on their agreement with the Parrish Plantation Covenants and ensure that the submittal will not compromise the streetscape or privacy of surrounding residents.

Parrish Plantation Architectural Review Board (ARB)
ARB will manage all aspects of land clearing and home construction. Each lot owner will be responsible for coordinating and submitting required information to ARB for approval.

For each house constructed a landscape deposit will be required. The refundable landscape deposit will be $250.00 and will be placed in an escrow account established by the ARB. The deposit shall be used to pay for replacing trees and native landscaping harmed or destroyed during construction. The deposit shall also be used to pay for clean up of construction debris left onsite.

The ARB will manage all aspects of land clearing and home construction. Each lot owner will be responsible for coordinating and submitting required construction and architectural information to the ARB for review. The following fee schedule will apply:

  • House Plan Review: $300
  • Additional Submittals:  $25 each

It is not the ARB’s intention to be overly restrictive with regards to its review of plans submitted. However, at times these judgments may be in conflict with some of the individual homeowner’s wishes or needs. Conflicts will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Any exterior change made to property must be approved by the ARB before installation or commencement of work on any proposed alterations.

II. Housing Architectural Requirements
Architectural requirements are subject to review and approval by ARB. The Parrish Plantation concept is that of a traditional neighborhood utilizing Traditional and Neo-traditional as the home style. The minimum size of houses within the subdivision will be 2,000 square feet of conditioned space with up to 200 square feet being being identified as “future finished” (i.e. room over garage). Unfinished space shall have utilities “rough-ins” stubbed in place and all framing must accommodate inteneded use.

Exterior Facade:
The exterior facade shall be constructed utilizing Natural Stone, Stucco, Brick, HardiPlank ® or ARB approved equal. Vinyl siding is allowed only on soffits. The exterior appearance will be designed to fit the overall architectural scheme of Parrish Plantation.

All residents wishing to construct their homes of HardiPlank building material or repaint their homes are hereby directed to comply with the following:

  1. Painting of a home shall require ARB of approval of the paint scheme.
  2. A maximum of three complementary colors is allowed: one main body color, trim color, shutter & door color.
  3. Repainting of a home using its existing color scheme if the Architectural Review Board (ARB) granted approval: No contact with the ARB is required.
  4. The ARB may request the application of the submitted colors to the side of a home, in sample form, for a more detailed view of color match and shading, prior to approval.
  5. Black is not acceptable as a main color choice.  Florescent shades will not be approved. The painting of symbols, icons, pictures, letters or numbers (other than house numbers where appropriate) on the exterior of a home is not allowed.
  6. If a homeowner is found to be in noncompliance with any of the above, a letter will be issued informing them of a thirty day compliance period within which the homeowner must comply or a show cause hearing will be scheduled with the BOD. The BOD may or may not approve the colors in dispute. If the BOD does not approve, a letter will be issued requiring compliance within thirty (30) days; after which a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) per day will be assessed until compliance is met.

Screened Porches:

  • Front:  First floor front porches may not be screened. Second floor front porches may not be screened.
  • Side: Side porches may be screened.
  • Rear:  Rear porches or decks may be screened.
  • All screened porches must utilize vinyl porch screening systems (Screen Tight or Equal) white or the same color as the exterior trim of the home.

Foundations shall be elevated a minimum of 24″ above natural, existing grade prior to clearing and grubbing. The approved foundation types are:

Stem wall—constructed from brick, reinforced concrete or concrete block. Reinforced concrete and block stem walls shall be screened or covered with brick, stone, lattice or Hardi-Plank siding. As an option, all side and rear facing stem walls may be painted or coated with an earth tone color or a color complimentary of the house.

Pier—constructed from brick, reinforced concrete or concrete block. Piers facing the street shall be dressed with brick, stone or plank siding consistent with the architectural character of the house. All side and rear facing piers shall be painted or coated with an earth tone color or a color complimentary of the house.

As part of the concept, all houses are required to utilize dimensional, 30 year architectural asphalt shingles. No other type of roofing is permissible.

Ridge vents and off-ridge vents may be utilized. Off-ridge vents must be placed where not visible from the street. Turbine attic vents are not allowed.

Builders are encouraged to utilize energy efficient and storm resistant windows. Reflective tint or backing is not allowed on any window. Placement of signage, pictures, etc., in windows visible from the street, is prohibited. Shutters, if used, shall be consistent on all elevations of the house.

All front doors shall be constructed of wood or have the appearance of natural wood. All front doors shall have panels. All exterior side and rear doors shall be constructed of wood, metal or fiberglass and shall have panels. Sliding glass doors may be used in applications not visible from the street.

Chimneys and Chimney Caps:
Chimney siding shall consist of brick, stucco, stone or Hardi-Plank. Chimney caps shall have an architectural character consistent with the house. Chimney caps may be constructed from copper, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Flag poles:
A single flagpole fastened to the front porch is allowed. The flag may not be greater than 2′ x 3′ in size. No standing flagpoles or flag “feathers” are allowed.

Mailboxes designs will be provided by the ARB. No other mailbox types will be allowed. These must be installed by the builder prior to closing. Also, all newspaper boxes will be standard black.

There are two different fence types typically in Parrish Plantation:  Privacy and Decorative. Decorative fences are normally located in front of the street-facing plane of the house, in most cases just behind the sidewalk. Privacy fences are located adjacent to alleys and along perimeter, as well as between houses.

  • Setbacks:  Front – Decorative fences must be at least 2 feet off the sidewalk for adequate planting room / Side – privacy fences must run along the property line or 1 foot inside to avoid any encroachment
  • Rear: privacy fences must be at least 1 foot off the rear property line.
  • Note: for side-oriented houses, the front fence may not extend beyond the front plane of the street-facing side of the house. The ARB recommends that you contact PUPS (1-888-721-7877, free service) to request above ground marking of the utility line locations.
  • Materials and Color: Fences must be built of treated wood, wrought iron, brick, or stone (see below for walls). Vinyl fences are not permitted. Fences must be painted white or stained. However, variances are permitted with ARB approval. Wood fences must be painted after sufficient curing time (usually 3-5 months). Parrish Plantation ARB must approve all fences.
  • Height: Front – decorative wood fences must be 2.5 to 3.5 feet high; decorative stone or brick fences must be 1.5 to 2 feet high / Side -privacy fences may be up to 6 feet high / Rear – privacy fences may be up to 6 feet high.
  • Posts: If would or wrought iron fencing is used, fence posts must be brick and a minimum of 6″ X 6″
  • Landscape Coverage: 50% landscape coverage is recommended on the “outside” of the fences that are visible from the street.
  • Design:  The ARB will make every effort to approve reasonable fencing requests. Again, no fencing shall be installed without ARB approval.

Retaining Walls:

  • Setbacks:  Front – retaining walls may abut the sidewalk / Side – walls may reside on the property line / Rear – walls must be 4 feet off of the property line (walls may be on the rear property line if the home site does not have a rear alley).
  • Materials: Walls must be built of brick or stone or cultured stone.  However, variances are permitted with ARB approval.

II  Structure Placement
Placement of the house and driveway within each lot shall be conducted to minimize impact to the environment and to promote diversity and character.

Setback Criteria
The following building setback criteria have been approved by Lexington County:
Front: 20′
Rear:  15′
Side:  10′

The ARB will consider the design and footprint of each proposed house and may request an adjustment to the final location of the house within the front or side setbacks as necessary to promote the existence of open space and visual effect. All plans must be submitted prior to lot clearing to assure this.

Driveway Criteria:
Driveways will typically be configured along the property line and shall not exceed 24′ in width. Driveways may be constructed within the setback required for each lot.

Stamped concrete driveways are promoted but not required. A schematic or picture of the proposed finished product shall be forwarded to ARB for review and approval prior to installation.

Sidewalks leading from the driveway or from the street sidewalk must be constructed of concrete.

Street Sidewalk Criteria:
Parrish Plantation shall be responsible for constructing sidewalk sections at each roadway intersection and throughout all common areas in accordance with the Master Plan. It is the responsibility for the contractor or homeowner to pour that section of sidewalk within his or her lot. Every effort must be made to prevent impact to trees and clumps of natural vegetation. A copy of the sidewalk detail is available from the ARB at no cost.

All lots within Parrish Plantation are required to abide by County Regulations regarding sidewalks, treescaping, and parking. A diagram of what is required will be provided to all builders and homeowners. Trees will be required every lot throughout Parrish Plantation.

Garage Criteria:
As a minimum, two-car garages are required. All attached structures shall be designed to compliment the architectural features of the house and must be approved by ARB prior to construction. Temporary structures such as tarp and pole canopies are prohibited. All garages shall have interior walls finished with either paneling or gypsum board painted.

Garage doors must have architectural character that compliments the house (i.e. wood grain, wood color, windows, architectural fasteners, etc.). Every effort must be made to minimize the visual impact of the garage door. Carriage house doors are to be used where possible. All garages are to have two separate bays with a minimum of 1 foot between doors.

III. Landscaping:
Landscaping will be consistent with maintaining an orderly and attractive appearance.  Mandatory landscaping must be done within 21 days of end of construction. This includes a minimum of sod in the front and side yard and rye grass in the rear.  Flowerbeds must have pine straw or pine bark / mulch at this time also.

Each homeowner will be responsible for planting two (2) hardwood trees of their choosing soon after (within 60 days) home construction. Every effort shall be made to protect existing trees during construction. Trees that are killed by carelessness or recklessness on behalf of the contractor or homeowner shall be replaced with a suitable replacement per an approved ARB tree list.

Architectural rocks and stones may be used to augment the landscape. Plans for installation of rocks or stones shall be approved by ARB.

Fountains and ponds may be constructed or installed where visible from the street. ARB approval for these ponds or fountains will be required.


  • Only major landscape overhauls need be submitted. We encourage plants that are indigenous to South Carolina.
  • Front yard sculpture shall not be allowed.

IV. Accessory Dwellings:
Accessory dwellings must be placed according to the setback criteria established for housing structures unless otherwise approved by ARB.

Individual homeowners may construct private pools and Jacuzzis in the back yard so long as any pool screening and pump housing facilities do not detract from the architectural character of the main house. Plans shall be approved by ARB. All pools shall be protected by fencing.

Decking may be constructed on the side or back yards only. The decking should compliment the architectural character of the house and match the front and rear porch design.

Air conditioner condenser:
The air conditioner condenser shall be screened from view from the street. Screening may consist of structural material consistent with the architectural character of the house or with landscaping. Plans must be approved by ARB. No “thru-wall” type heating or air conditioning units shall be allowed.

Electrical Transformer/ utilities:
Each homeowner is responsible for screening the electrical transformer and other utilities within the right-of-way and on the lot line. Screening shall be provided with landscaping.  Plans must be approved by ARB.

Propane Tanks:
All propane tanks shall be screened from view from the street. Screening may consist of structural material consistent with the architectural character of the house or with landscaping. Plans must be approved by the ARB.

V. Other Elements of Architectural Design

Exterior Changes/Additions.

  • Plans for changes must be reviewed and approved by the ARB before being executed.

Satellite Dishes:

  • The Board cannot disallow use of a satellite dish but stipulates that the dish be placed out of view from the street.

Play Structures:

  • Play structures are permitted in rear yards only. Submittals are not necessary unless a resident is requesting that the play structure be placed in a location that is visible from the street.

Exterior Lighting:

  • Exterior lighting does need to be submitted for approval. Only white light is allowed. Light placement must be approved by the ARB to ensure that lights do not shine in or on adjacent property.

Please see the Parrish Plantation Homeowners Association covenants & restrictions and rules & regulations regarding all other issues. The builder and homeowner must adhere to all requirements stated in these documents.

Lot Pond Acres Price
Lot 1 .25 SOLD
Lot 2 Yes .38 SOLD
Lot 3 Yes .45 SOLD
Lot 4 Yes .42 $70,000
Lot 5 Yes .43 $55,000
Lot 6 1.22 $50,000
Lot 7 .27 $45,000
Lot 8 .27 $45,000
Lot 9 .42 $50,000
Lot 10 .33 SOLD
Lot 11 .30 $50,000
Lot 12 .25 $42,000
Lot 13 .25 $42,000
Lot 14 .25 $42,000
Lot 15 .25 $42,000
Lot 16 .40 $45,000
Lot 17 .28 SOLD
Lot 18 .25 SOLD
Lot 19 .25 SOLD
Lot 20 .25 SOLD
Lot 21 .25 SOLD
Lot 22 .25 SOLD
Lot 23 .25 SOLD
Lot 24 .25 SOLD
Lot 25 .25 SOLD
Lot 26 .25 SOLD
Lot 27 .25 SOLD
Lot 28 .25 SOLD
Lot 29 .25 SOLD
Lot 30 .25 SOLD
Lot 31 .25 SOLD
Lot 32 .25 SOLD
Lot 33 .25 SOLD
Lot 34 .25 SOLD
Lot 35 .25 SOLD
Lot 36 .25 $45,000
Lot 37 .25 $45,000
Lot 38 .25 $45,000
Lot 39 .28 $45,000
Lot 40 .33 SOLD
Lot 41 .28 SOLD
Lot 42 .28 $50,000
Lot 43 .27 SOLD
Lot 44 .25 SOLD
Lot 45 .27 SOLD
Lot 46 .29 SOLD
Lot 47 .37 $45,000
Lot 48 .25 SOLD
Lot 49 Yes .46 $50,000
Lot 50 Yes .48 SOLD
Lot 51 Yes .40 $70,000
Lot 52 Yes .32 SOLD
Lot 53 Yes .51 SOLD
Lot 54 .36 SOLD
Lot 55 .29 SOLD
Lot 56 .29 SOLD
Lot 57 .28 SOLD
Lot 58 .27 SOLD
Lot 59 .27 $50,000
Lot 60 .25 $45,000
Lot 61 .25 $45,000
Lot 62 .25 $45,000
Lot 63 .25 $45,000
Lot 64 .25 $45,000
Lot 65 .25 $45,000
Lot 66 .25 $45,000
Lot 67 .25 $45,000
Lot 68 .25 $45,000
Lot 69 .25 $45,000
Lot 70 .25 SOLD
Lot 71 .25 SOLD
Lot 72 .25 SOLD
Lot 73 .25 SOLD
Lot 74 .25 SOLD
Lot 75 .25 SOLD
Lot 76 .25 SOLD
Lot 77 .25 SOLD
Lot 78 .25 SOLD
Lot 79 .25 SOLD
Lot 80 .25 SOLD
Lot 81 .28 SOLD
Lot 82 .25 $45,000
Lot 83 .34 $45,000
Lot 84 .29 $60,000
Lot 85 .25 SOLD